The BCC Mega bike test (down the allotment)

This year we're taking 2 test bikes to the mega courtesy of Max Bikes PR. It's gonna be ace!

The Marin Quake XLT 180 7.9 and the Transition Blindside with their long travel, considerable seatpost extension, single crown forks and double ring + bash set-up are aimed squarely at those doing the Mega or any other all day alpine riding.
So, anyway, before throwing ourselves down any massive mountains we thought we'd take them down the Allotment for a thrash about and some pics... (click 'em to make 'em bigger)

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  1. Charles Mountford

    The pics came out well – nice one Andrew.

  2. Ben Irons


  3. Jason Southam

    Seen that transition in real life looks lush!

  4. Sam Chedgy

    Soooooo Lucky! they look beast!

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