January XC Ride Away – Sunday 15th *update*

Quantock Hills AONB PRoW network

January's XC Ride Away on Sunday 15th will be to the Quantocks.

Bit of a difference though: there's an awful lot of trails there which I can *almost* guarantee you won't have ridden before. They're not particularly bad at all, they just get overshadowed by all the old favourites.

Back in the summer  I had the unenviable task of riding, filming, photographing, describing and grading all the cycleable Public Rights Of Way within the Quantock Hills AONB boundary. And got paid for it. "What a nightmare!", I hear you cry, "How did you cope?". Well, thanks for your concern. Somehow I got through it and nailed all 175km of the PRoW network.

I thought I already knew the Hills pretty well, but there are dozens of great trails that just don't get the attention they deserve.

So. Let me introduce you to some new trails down there you may not know. Maybe in time they'll even become old favourites too.

Meet at 8am in the Cheese & Grain car park. All being well, we'll aim to start the ride from the lay-by on the A39 just outside Holford at 9.30am (grid ref: ST158408). There are no facilities or shops on the Quantocks so please bring enough food, drink and spares for about a 4 hour ride. It will also (obviously) be quite hilly.

UPDATE: I'll be recce-ing the route on Sat 7th Jan. I've plotted it  out and it's bang-on 3omiles with 4,500ft of climbing  :O0. Obviously, there's loads of possibilities for bolt-ons or short-cuts. I will report back when I've seen if it's viable. Or even enjoyable...

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  1. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    I’m in! Regarding bike- Could have my Reign built by then, would 160mm travel be advantageous or not?

  2. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    Massive overkill, Ryan. If you’re happy dragging that many suspensions round for 4hrs, then it’ll be fine.


  3. Ryan Mckee (Post author)

    It would be it’s first ever outing so i still might have to do it! But i will keep that in mind…

  4. Peter Spittles (Post author)

    Bonkers Ryan !

  5. Alastair Mackinlay (Post author)

    Sounds ace Chas, I’m in!

  6. Sharon Loader

    I am up for it! All trails new to me as never been before 🙂

  7. Sean Watson

    Quantocks – 30 miles – 4500ft of up’s (and down’s) – and I have a free day! i’m all a quiver

  8. Chas Thursfield (Post author)

    Erm… Forget all that. Took 4hrs to ride to ride 2/3 of it today. Plus, I will have to change the route – sadly some of the new trails which were great in August are rubbish at this time of year. I do have a Plan B route though :0)

  9. MikeP

    Hi Chas, thanks for yesterday.
    Some photos here http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/?p=8888

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