Raising Awareness (Part 2)

It seems that getting across the nature of what we are doing, our motives and the details of how we operate may be the difference between this project succeeding or failing. Before the website existed we came across some hostility from those who had assumed that we were trying to exclude others, con or turn a profit - the lack of public information lead to people filling in the gaps themselves; offering us little benefit where they had doubt.

So over the past week and a half we've done our best to create an informative website where people can learn all there is to know about this project. It'll be an ongoing effort as we will have more to say and will hopefully learn how to convey it more effectively but is a good start I think.

Unfortunately this will amount to little if the websites existence is not publicised effectively: So I have sent an e-mail to every British Cycling affiliated MTB club in the South and Southwest regions to let them know. We can't cater for everyone joining up, but then that isn't the intention, we simply want to make as many people aware of the situation as possible to avoid misunderstanding or wasted journeys.

We must remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to inform others, ensuring clarity and transparency at all times, but also that it will be beneficial to the success of the project. It is natural to be protective over things, especially when they are as special as this project, but such an approach simply leads to confusion, rumor and ultimately failure. Already since erecting the signs around the allotment and placing the website address in a few key places we've had three new (full) members, and that's just today!

Communication is our friend.

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  1. alex

    hi there.
    the website looks really good fella and i hope the trailsget built and loved:) i am trying to get a similar project going in the midlands where we have been given 5-6 acres of woodland to build in.
    all the best

    alex brown

  2. andrew.denham (Post author)

    Hi there Alex

    Thanks for the feedback, we’re really pleased with the website (thanks Al!).

    Trails are on the way (we’ve got 1 open and another that’s 90% finished). It will be next spring before we can build any of the full length tracks (due to the current felling) but we’re stoked at what we’ve got.

    Well done regarding your 5-6 acres, if you need any help just drop me an e-mail or phone and I’ll do what I can.

    Having never done anything like it before we’ve had a lot to learn but will be glad to share with you or any other like minded riders/trail builders.


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