Safety is no accident

For those who weren't riding at the allotment yesterday:

Darren binned it on BBMS (his first run) whilst approaching the rock garden. He flipped over the bars and landed on his right shoulder separating his collar bone from its ligaments. Not good.

Sam (new member, Darren's mate) took him to Bath A&E where he was told that he'd be off the bike for approx 12 weeks.

It's our first 'proper' injury at the allotment since the BCC was formed and although mildly amusing (for Sam more than anyone else) it'd be good if we could all refrain from braking ourselves whilst riding there. I'm speaking to some bubble wrap suppliers about suffocation concerns but hope to have the first BCC full body suit on sale within the next few weeks...

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  1. Darren

    Brilliant – put me down for one please.

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