We're not the only forest users…

...and so it's really important that all mountain bikers show respect to walkers, dog walkers and horse riders when out on the trails.
Unfortunately on the 29th May a horse rider had to be taken to hospital by ambulance after falling from her horse onto her face due to a mountain biker startling the horse she was riding. The incident occurred in Longleat (on a bridleway) when the mountain biker rode past the group of horse riders at high speed rather than slowing to a reasonable pace and giving way. Unfortunately the mountain biker rode off leaving the other horse riders to pick up the pieces.

This is very rare, but does emphasise how important it is that we all take care when riding our bikes in or around Longleat, because other then our Allotment the trails are shared by so many.

So please, ride responsibly.

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  1. gordon

    Here Here.

    That is bad news and give us all a bad name.

    The weekends and good weather will bring many out into the woods this time of year. The winter has less traffic.

    1. Andrew Denham (Post author)

      It’s not great….

      We don’t know who the MTB’er was or if it was a BCC member (though that’s unlikely).

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