Stolen Bike – Please Help

Sad news: club member, and winner of the beans award at the TickerTape, has had his bike stolen! Here's Jamie to fill you in on the details:

Hey everyone I had my Trek Ticket 10 stolen from the railings outside the Frome vetsĀ between 7:30-12:15 on Thurday 15th July
It had no saddle because that was stolen the month before, but had had red welgo v8 pedals and black odi ruffian lock-on grips with a 661 sticker where the top tube meets the down tube, apart from that it was all standard.
Frame size is 40cm/15.8" (a small).
If anyone has any information about it, it would be wicked if you could contact


Be careful people, it seems that there's been a bit of a spate of bike thefts in and around Frome recently - so lock 'em up!

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