Bike Polo! – Frome Youth Centre

Bike polo club (NB - you do not have to wear fancy dress or ride in black-and-white).

Marjory and Ryan have instigated a new little weekly activity -Bike Polo! First session takes place next Wednesday evening.

Where: Frome Youth Centre courts, Vallis Road.
When: Wednesday 23rd November
Time: 7:30 - 9:30
What you need to bring: Helmet, Bike, knee pads (?), enthusiasm, Warm Clothes, Food, Beer money.

The mallets and balls are provided, courtesy of Rich Miller and the Bristol Bike Polo lot. Rich will be our instructor for the evening...

"As a side note on equipment, if straight handlebars are being used then bar ends must be capped/plugged for safety, drop handlebar bikes can be used but is highly unadvisable as control is limited. Carbon breaks, wheels can get damaged/taco'ed so don't bring anything too fancy or weak. A helmet is advisable but that's up to the individual."

Be there!

Ryan and Marjory.

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