Its the Final countdown! (Tickertape)

In 48 hours time, the Tickertape winter series final will be being battled out at the allotment.

Expect a unique track for one day only, fully taped with freelap timing for all the BCC family.

Timing runs from 1200 hrs - 1500hrs,  Sunday 19th Febuary 2012

Help setting up from 1100 hrs much appreciated

Bring; cake, beans, bike, 2 working brakes, full face helmet, bcc membership details (card) and a suggested £2 donation 🙂

Tea, Coffee, FlapJacks and Fruit welcome, corporate energy pop need not apply.

Fancy dress strongly encouraged (no borat mankini)

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  1. Steve Corner

    Is cake compulsory? Do Jaffa Cakes count as cake? Can I dress up as an overweight bicyclist?

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