Tardy Write Ups and Australian Birds

At the first Three Minute Laps we found that people were prepared to ride almost any bike round the three minute singletrack course.

At the second Three Minute Laps (on a 50% different course) we found that everyone is motivated by different things.

Greg was motivated by wearing a wife beater, Gunny by grimacing at the start line, Ben (Gunny Junior) a relentless pursuit of a faster time.

Charlie focused for his runs by finding suitable music to sabotage other people's runs, while others found their Zen state while listening to S Club 7 (although others threatened to leave).

Most found their energy returned when their main rival beat them, or found their hope of eeking out a personal best was ruined by sliding out on the final corner, and scrambling across the line on foot.

In contrast this was Fin, whose calm and efficiency in setting the days third fastest time was surely down to early morning yoga and meditation.

But in an incredible insight to the mind of a "top athlete", our winner - Jack, pipping Curtis by less than a second - was never more animated or passionate than when describing an Australian bird with a name cooler than a Kookaburra.

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  1. colin

    This is a great bit of journalism!

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