HELP get a pump track in Warminster!

Club member Jon Davies has this to say,

Hello everyone,

After the success of the Frome pumptrack, we have decided we want some pumptrack action in Warminster, The Local Council have agreed in principle to having a pumptrack in the town and now we are starting a consultation exercise to prove that the local community wants one, this forum should be a good place to start getting support, I have started by doing a poll on here,, please answer and share!

Also, we are having a fundraising quiz night for the Warminster Wobble at the Organ Inn on Sunday April 21st. We have blagged a load of cool prizes and will have a cycling themed round, It would be cool if we could have a BCC team in attendance, remember any money left after the Wobble will go to a local charity!


Make sure you Vote via facebook to let the council show there is great support from in and around the local area!


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  1. stuart.simons

    I have voted on Facebook

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