TickerTape Winter Series – Rnd 2

So after the last round was cancelled due to snow it's fair to say that everyone is chomping at the bit. The series will be 4 rounds now, and so that we don't miss out, this round is Puppets.

Is Chris Smith going be a good dad and look after his newborn son, or is he going to "pop out for a bit on the bike..."?

Will Ben Irons ride his new DH bike?

Is Steve Geall gonna bunny hop really really high (we all want him to)?

Can Curtis, Mark and Liam ride puppets with their eyes closed now that they've ridden it over 97 times each practising for this event?

Saturday, 11:00 – 15:00

Remember it’s members only, £2 suggested donation towards the timing equipment.

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  1. ben lovell

    it’s actuly 100

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